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The Outer Banks' Original! Better Burgers, Hand Cut Beach Fries & Unbelievably Creamy Frozen Custard

Custard Machine

Once you have tasted the best, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

custard-machineLet’s start with the basics. Frozen Custard is not simply “another name for soft ice cream.”  Frozen custard must be 10% milkfat and 1.4% egg yolk.  Ours is the finest available and to the cream, milk and sugar we add (right before it goes into the machine) real imported pure vanilla – you can notice the difference with the first lick.  Also, custard is not “fluffed” up with air – you can see this by the way it comes out of the machine. This is not your run-of-the-mill product – we’re talking rich, creamy, dense, smooth … truly gourmet.
sundae1You want a sundae?  Well, we couldn’t just put any old toppings on this custard, could we?  Heck no!  Our hot fudge comes from a very small company that has been making ice cream toppings for over 100 years and they don’t call it “World’s Best Hot Fudge” for nothing.  We think you will agree.  Our butterscotch is equally as delectable and the marshmallow (all from this same small company) is even good on potato chips!  (You’ll have to trust us on that one!).  Whipped “topping”?  I don’t think so!  Only the real thing at Kill Devil’s – whipped cream that’s actually 100% “cow made” – remember when that was the only way to make a sundae?
better-burger Considering a juicy, marinated “Better Burger” – you’ll need lots of napkins!  The patties are the finest juicy beef, marinated in our own Kill Devil’s Special Sauce, grilled to juicy perfection and served on a toasted buttery bun. It’s like no other burger you’ve ever had. Cheeseburger?  We double the cheese on our burgers. Don’t miss out – visit our OBX Restaurant today for the best lunch ever.
What about our famous Beach Fries? Once again, if we’re going to do it, we do it right. We hand-cut fresh (never-frozen!) Idaho Russett potatoes, and cook them in our own special way using pure TRANS FAT FREE canola oil to create the famous golden brown beach fries we all remember from the boardwalks of long ago. Served plain or with cheese sauce or chili – or just help yourself to a couple of shakes of malt vinegar for the real thing, baby!
The NC Bar-B-Que Sandwich we serve is an authentic southern treat. We take 100% pulled pork and grill it to perfection in Kill Devil’s own authentic North Carolina style, vinegar based special sauce. We then pile our barbeque on a buttered (with real butter!), toasted roll with our homemade coleslaw. Try it and find out why customers say it’s the best barbeque sandwich they’ve ever had. 
Or our Coney Island Hot Dog? we take one of our all beef hotdogs, grill it so its crispy on the outside but still tender and juicy on the inside. Next we top it off with Homemade chili, cheese, and freshly chopped onions for a taste explosion like you’ve never had before!

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