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What Is Frozen Custard?

The Outer Banks' Original! Better Burgers, Hand Cut Beach Fries & Unbelievably Creamy Frozen Custard

Kill Devil’s Authentic Frozen Custard is a gourmet natural ice cream treat which first originated in Coney Island, NY in the early 1900’s. It will take you back to the good old days.

2013-11-13_1642To understand the difference between Frozen Custard, regular hard ice cream or soft serve ice cream, all one needs to do is read the label of ingredients and how it is produced. Authentic Frozen Custard must contain 10% milkfat and 1.4% uht pasturized egg yolk.

Kill Devils uses a special machine created solely for producing Frozen Custard. Because of this, the amount of air added to the product while churning is only 20% compared to typical soft serve, hard ice cream, or frozen yogurt, which can be as much as 100%. This low overrun is what gives our Frozen Custard its wonderfully dense and creamy texture. You are tasting more of the actual product.

Another important difference is that most regular ice cream typically is produced fresh daily, weekly, or – heaven forbid – monthly.

We make our frozen custard fresh hourly.

This is why we offer three fresh flavors –Vanilla, Chocolate and a third special flavor which changes daily. In order to offer more flavors daily we would have to compromise our standard of freshness. After one lick we are sure you will appreciate it.

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